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What is Small Business Marketing? Free Help From a Marketing Expert

Introduction: Welcome to the Clever Entrepreneurship Podcast Blog

We are thrilled to have the accomplished Molly Swift, a seasoned marketing professional, for this topic. In this three-minute read, Molly will unravel the mystery of the question, “What is marketing?” She will connect the gap between the importance of marketing and its practical execution. For many, marketing can seem over our heads, and information can feel heavily guarded, but Molly is here to guide us through it because gatekeeping is so lame. Listen to our podcast episode with Molly HERE on your preferred streaming platform.

Why Do Small Businesses Need to Know How to Market?:

As time progressed, marketing evolved into a structured discipline closely intertwined with business planning, strategic thinking, branding, and more. She explains that marketing is about sharing information about a product or service that enhances the quality of people's lives. Molly points out that marketing essentially serves as a brand’s voice, making it an integral part of business management and growth.

“Marketing is an ancient form of presenting communication and messaging.. something that we've been doing for millennia.”

small business owner googling to find out more about marketing

What is Marketing?

Molly's information goes beyond the traditional definition of marketing. She highlights that the core of marketing lies in:

1. Identifying the audience you aim to reach

2. Understanding whether your product offers a solution

3. Effectively communicating how it can improve people's lives

While many businesses focus on their product, they often miss the crucial aspect of why someone would need it. The true essence of marketing lies in articulating how a product or service addresses a need or enhances the customer's life. She further goes on to explain that proper story brand marketing allows you to understand your customers and the proper marketing strategy to reach them.

”Societally, we want to be and feel important; we want to feel connected.”

Conclusion: Understand how marketing has complex ties to business planning and growth.

This information helps emphasize the multifaceted nature of this field. Marketing goes beyond mere promotion; it's about connecting with your audience on a meaningful level and offering solutions that improve their lives. As entrepreneurs and business owners, understanding the true definition of marketing can be the key to success in today's competitive landscape.

a small business owner trying to figure out who he is marketing to by making a marketing strategy

“Marketing is not just about what you're selling, but why someone would need it.”


a marketing expert answers questions about marketing for free to help entrepreneurs
Molly Swift of Fine Roots Marketing

About Molly:

Molly's journey into marketing is fascinating. She began her career in marketing officially eight years ago, but her exposure to marketing elements started even earlier, within publishing and media companies. Her early introduction to email marketing and online strategies laid the foundation for her future career. When she moved from England to her current location, she threw herself deeper into the world of advertising and began to understand marketing as a disciplined art. Today, she is a marketing consultant specializing in working with local businesses in her immediate area, offering a wide range of marketing services through her company, Fine Roots Marketing.

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