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How to create an LLC for a new business in the state of Georgia

No fluff here- just 4 simple steps recommended by our guest, Georgia Business Attorney Garrett Murphy of Garrett Murphy Law.

clever entrepreneurship business education podcast guest business attorney Garrett Murphy explains how to file an llc in the state of Georgia
Georgia Business Attorney, Garrett Murphy of Garrett Murphy Law


Get your articles of organization filed online through the Georgia Secretary of State's Corporation Division. Pay $100.


Step two: Get your operating agreement in place with your business lawyer. Make sure those important conversations are had.


Get your federal employee identification number.


Look at local business licenses. Are you in an industry that requires a special license, like a contractor? Do you have your contractor's license? Do you have other necessary licenses? In certain counties, you need a business license to operate.

A Business Attorney's Top Tip!

Also, keep your CPA or your accountant involved every step of the way. I would actually consult with your accountant before setting up the entity ...a lot of what we [business attorneys] do is have conversations with CPAs... for that very purpose.
(The business owner is) like the quarterback, and then the CPA it an SCorp...?
Then the lawyer talks about the operating agreement, the liability side.
So I would certainly start with meeting with your CPA and your lawyer first so they can begin the communication of what's best for you.

-Garrett Murphy, Business Attorney

Want to have Garrett help get you started? Visit his website here


And remember, while we aim to provide you with practical and knowledgeable advice, it's important to do your own research and consult your attorney before making any decisions that could impact your business.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal, financial, or any other professional advice.

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