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Welcome to our Business Education Podcast

Updated: May 3, 2023

In the business podcast world you'll see mostly two types of podcasts, the first type is that really loud motivational style (think Gary Vee) where they’ll tell you to wake up earlier and hustle harder and that it's all mindset. You know the types that are very loud, and they leave you feeling a certain sort of hyped. You have all this motivation and you don't really know what to do with it, because they didn't actually teach you anything actionable. The second type are like the story style podcasts, where they're always bringing on a new guest that will tell you all about their business and how they got started. They're going to tell you their rags to riches style story, where they had failures and successes, but they're not really telling you anything to do more or less they're just giving you ideas of what they did and how they did it. So, more a story that you can relate to.

So, we both think that podcasts like these have a place in the world and can serve a purpose. They have their audience, right, but it's not us. We were really looking for a type of podcast that was more than just, well to put it frankly, gaslighting you into thinking that if you didn't succeed that it was your fault you didn't think good enough thoughts. You didn't manifest your success the right way and you didn't buy their course and that's why you're not successful. I think everybody should be able to access information to help them be successful. How you choose to use it is still very much on you, but we want to provide you with those tools those actionable steps from real experts.

Something that we always want our listeners to do when they're taking advice from anybody online about anything is, ask yourself, “is the person that I'm taking advice from qualified to give me that advice?” That's why on this podcast, we're going to bring in the people who know what they're talking about, experts who can give you actual advice and actual steps that will take you forward in your business.

Our plan is to bring in business lawyers, accountants, developers, marketers and more. We believe that the best source to get your information from is from the horses mouth, and we're bringing in the horse. Our role in this podcast is to really just bring all the information together, to find the experts for you guys, and for us, with real advice and real educated information.

Here at the Clever Entrepreneur we want to remind you that our mission is to provide you with real business advice from real experts with no fluff, no bullshit, just help.

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