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laura morris owner of design aesthetic and co host of the clever entrepreneur podcast

Laura Morris

Laura is the owner of Design Aesthetic, a creative agency that provides all necessary creative assets for businesses such as graphic design, logos, branding, marketing, advertising, photography, and videography. Her years in the industry have allowed her to work internationally with small business owners, government entities, and Fortune 500 companies. 

She can often be found drinking too much caffeine while clinging to her laptop or galivanting in her garden with her flock of chickens. She loves hardback books, dad jokes, and a good Old Fashioned.

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evamaria foltz owner of foltz fine art portraits and co host of clever entrepreneurship

Evamaria Foltz

Evamaria owns Foltz Fine Art Portraits, a full-service photography studio specializing in custom art and in-person sales. She has work that has been recognized by Vogue Magazine and is an award-winning portrait photographer with a focus on the luxury market. You can find Evamaria working around her city with several non-profit organizations or simply at home hanging out with her family. She loves reading fantasy romance novels and a large chilled glass of Veuve Cliquot.

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